a few words about me

Due to the combination of my background and education –explained below - my experience is tailor-made to ideally support you in your admissions process. This is not my job – this is my profession.

Consulting Experience
Since 2005, I have been helping hundreds of clients around the world find the schools that match their needs and personalities, assisting in all aspects of their successful applications processes. Some clients seek only a few hours of assistance and some seek complete support. I am an education consultant, strategizer, editor, listening ear, and cheerleader.

Admissions Experience
I became a consultant only because I had a career in admissions: I worked for 7 years at the University of Pennsylvania, Brandeis University and Wellesley College, evaluating and bringing over 10,000 applications to committees. I know what in your unique story is important to share and I help you develop your strongest application possible for each school, personalized to its needs.

Education Background

Aside from majoring in English and earning a teaching degree as a Justice Brandeis Scholar at Brandeis University, I earned my Master’s degree in Higher Education Administration at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education. Thus, an expert writer, teacher/coach and admissions professional, I bring the ultimate, well-rounded background needed to assist in application preparation.

Personal Style
I must know you well to be able to truly counsel you and understand what to help you showcase in your applications, so I offer a very personal experience. This is not just about editing documents but about helping you discover and use your individual story to shape your writing and meet your goals. I will be tough on you to maximize what we can develop and honest about what I think. At the same time, I am encouraging, a perfectionist about the quality of my work, and a very enthusiastic partner. Many of my clients choose to keep in touch with me due to the depth of this joint emotional investment.


Why work with a professional, full-time consultant? Isn’t assistance from students/alumni enough?

Students and alumni know their individual schools, but they have neither learned schools broadly nor have evaluated applications professionally. This was not their career. I have a unique, different knowledge altogether.

Since 1997, I have toured over 30 campuses, networked with global admissions colleagues, and attended hundreds of school fairs and individual presentations. Moreover, with my Ed.M in Higher Education Administration from Harvard, universities are simply my specialty.

How can we meet?

My hundreds of clients have been on 4 continents, living across multiple time zones; however, meeting is always easy. Our work will begin face to face, in person or virtually on Skype. I can meet when it is convenient for you.

When should we start?

While the actual application preparation can really only start when the new applications go live on the web a few months before the deadlines, we can meet any time before then to strategize your schools and “To Do List.” Please contact me to plan your optimal time to meet.

Contact Me: E-mail: rachel@rachel-korn.com; Phone: +972-50-930-4059