I was interviewed on U.S. television and in several U.S. newspapers as an admissions expert, and the following are links to a few of my interviews:

"The Today Show" (first appearance)
My interview on "The Today Show" with Ann Curry allowed me to share what colleges are seeking in your applications. I was invited to the show with the publication of my first book.

"The Today Show" (second appearance)
This link is to my second interview on "The Today Show" with Meredith Vieira. I coach students and parents about their special needs. Under the video link is further information I prepared for the program.

"The Washington Post"
This major U.S. newspaper interviewed me as an admissions expert about surviving senior year of high school while preparing college applications.

"The Bottom Line" (Columbia Business School newspaper)
An editorial I wrote for the Ivy League business school newspaper, explaining who I am and the pros and cons of the admissions consulting field.


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With my insight into the admissions process, I was asked to share what is important and what is actually NOT important. In an easy-to-read format, my books focus on positive tips and supportive advice about how to maximize your opportunities.

"Get Into College"
This updated 2nd edition of my first book, "How To Survive Getting Into College," allowed me to collaborate with an experienced Harvard classmate to create an even more comprehensive volume packed with information to know as you plan for and prepare college applications.

"How to Survive Getting Your Kid Into College"
Drawn from my years of experience in intensive work with parents of applicants, this second book provides tips about how parents can best guide and support their students.

Publisher Webpage Tips
On my book publisher's home page, I offer advice about several different stages of application planning and preparation.

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