• Consulting Meetings
  • School Selection
  • Contact with Students
  • Strategizing Essays
  • Editing Essays
  • Supporting Documents
  • Interview Preparation
  • Counseling and Support
The following is a comprehensive list of the services I can offer. You can select one or few or all, depending on your needs. I work hourly so our process will be only exactly what you want. Each of these services is offered for every kind of degree - from an undergraduate degree to a master’s degree to a doctorate – and I have expertise in schools in the United States and Europe.

Consulting Meetings
At the beginning of our work process, we can meet in person or on Skype. To get to know you, I will interview you about your background and your goals. Through this, I will understand your personality and needs to help you build your game plan and strategy for your schools and your essays. I will also answer all your questions about the admissions process and provide guidance about exactly what to expect – and what to prepare – for your specific degree.

Due to an increasingly competitive admission process, it has become ever more important to stay a step ahead. Ms. Korn and I discussed during our first meeting important aspects of my life and educational portfolio, in order to get a comprehensive view of myself. This allowed us to develop meaningful essays and eventually submit applications where I knew the admissions officers would have a complete image of myself and where I was confident I would put my best foot forward. Ms. Korn understands what universities and colleges are looking for and knows how to maximize each student’s candidacy. As a result, I have been admitted into numerous Ivy League schools, and am sincerely grateful for all the hard work she put forth and recommend her services to any motivated high school student.
SB, MIT, Class of 2016

School Selection
I will help you create the list of schools to which you should apply matching your abilities, goals and personality. I intimately know colleges and universities all over the U.S. and Europe and can suggest an appropriate list of schools for you (always including a safety school or two).

Rachel was crucial in helping me give by best "fight" as an MBA applicant. Before we even started, she gave me extremely valuable advice as to which schools she thought were the best fit based on my strengths, background, and personality. Rachel has phenomenal insight in selecting and crafting the strategic parts of an applicant's story to create the most effective application possible. Thanks to Rachel's guidance and ongoing support, my admission process was extremely quick and efficient, and not nearly as stressful as it would have been otherwise - and my results were 100% admission for the schools we applied to. Working with Rachel is a no-brainer if you're applying to a top-tier MBA.
MBA, MIT Sloan, Class of 2012

Contact with Students
As you explore schools, I will put you in touch with my large and wide network of former clients. Current students and alumni will be helpful as you learn what makes each school special, and I will make personal connections for you with former clients.

An additional perk to working with Rachel is the ability to utilize her vast network of current students or recent graduates. Throughout my application process, she put me in touch with both students and alumni at the schools that interested me. Most importantly, in my case, when I arrived the night before my Wharton interview, I met a group of current students who were also eager to help me ace the interview and get into the school. They took me out to dinner the night before, and lunch during the day of the interview to help me both gain an insider's perspective of the school as well put me at ease for the actual interview. Having this additional "inside" to the admissions process undoubtedly helped me gain admission.
MBA, University of Pennsylvania (Wharton), Class of 2012

Strategizing Essays
Essays need to be adapted to each school, and for some programs, like the MBA, there is a series of essays to write. I can help you plan out what to say where to help you share the widest and strongest picture of your background, talents and strengths. Understanding what you need to share is a unique strength I bring to your application process and I will help you weave your experience together and interpret it for the admissions readers.

Rachel's assistance, counsel and guidance had a significant and effective impact throughout my MBA application process. Not least was Rachel's impact illustrated during the essay strategizing process, where I had to choose the past experience I would emphasize in each essay, after considering each B-schools' values and points of interest, as well as my own strengths and all the while not forgetting to answer the questions at hand. In this stage, Rachel provided invaluable insight as to what each and every B-school would want to hear. More importantly, Rachel was extremely knowledgeable of my past experiences, strengths and weaknesses, and through this, Rachel not only helped me to decipher the "question behind the question" but she repeatedly pushed me to focus my message and provide a clear vision of myself, while never forgetting the bigger picture portrayed through the entire application. To summarise, Rachel is a true professional at bringing out the best "you" in your application.
MBA, London Business School, Class of 2014

Editing Essays
As a professional writer, I am particularly skilled at helping you cram maximum information into minimum space. Respecting given word limits – a crucial strategy that every strong and smart applicant embraces – I help you create and shape essays in which every word is necessary, crafting incredibly powerful essays that share large amounts of information. I know the schools’ hidden goals in their specific essay questions, and your essays will thoroughly address these goals.

Working with Rachel yielded outstanding essays that truly captured and reflected the accomplishments, goals, and unique elements that compile my story. Rachel had insightful comments about what should be trimmed and rephrased or what should be emphasized and every editorial comment was backed with an argument that supported it. First drafts were always returned with questions that aimed to either extract more information or improve the flow of the essay while constantly pushing me to explore the depths of my writing skills. Rachel's tenacity in making every line count goes above and beyond than just making the essay properly written, she conveys her thoughts on the structure and the impression a reader might have down right to details such as the visual appearance of paragraphs and how that improves the brevity of the essay. In short, I consider Rachel's work as paramount in the many revisions my essays went through and I know that I would not have been able to polish them to such a high level without her help.
PhD, Columbia University, Class of 2016

Supporting Documents
You may need CVs or resumes, scholarship essays, and letters of recommendation. I can help you draft a 1-page super-strong CV, tell your story to match the needs of a specific scholarship, and determine what content should be in letters of recommendation to help the admissions committees.

I consulted with Rachel Korn on my application to Harvard's Kennedy School Mid-Career MPA program, to which I was accepted. Rachel assisted me in developing all parts of my application - from the CV, to the recommendation letters and of course my essays. With her assistance my writing was more creative, focused, colorful and had a stronger message. Perhaps most importantly, Rachel was a very cooperative partner, willing to work under a very short and stressful deadline to help me to produce A+ quality results. Without her help I am quite sure that my application would not have been as powerful and strong. I can honestly and wholeheartedly recommend her.
MA, Harvard University, Class of 2014

Interview Preparation
We can conduct mock interviews, tailoring our practice to the unique needs and habits of your individual schools. You will then be able to interview on the phone or in person with great confidence and you will know how to handle your variety of interviewers skillfully.

The mock interviews with Rachel played a crucial role in getting through several Interviews: She asked hard questions, focused my answers and most importantly, strengthened my confidence. Looking back, Rachel's understanding and experience were the added value that helped me receive a scholarship that made this year abroad a reality. I recommend Rachel with all my heart.
-G., Chevening Scholar
MSc, University College London, Class of 2007

Counseling and Support
You will have many procedural questions and questions about the schools themselves along the way – and then even after admission, you may need help choosing your ultimate school - so I offer insider professional guidance and emotional support. This process is challenging and it marks the beginning of a new, unknown journey for you, but I will ease your stress.

The application process for an LLM can be very time-pressured and exhausting, especially when applying to several schools.

Rachel’s guidance and encouragement made me feel that I was not alone, and that I have a strong support system behind me. Rachel was with me every step of the way, lending her critical eye to make sure that my final piece of writing is the best and most accurate reflection of my talents and strengths, representing who I really am in the best possible way.

She is quick, super efficient, extremely professional and a true expert in the field. And above all- she is a wonderful person who is really fun to work with, and I cannot describe how important it is to cooperate with people that you actually like and infuse some fun in such a stressful process.

This wasn’t just a process of writing what admission officers want to hear. Rachel urged me to dig deep and reach the thoughts and ideas I was never able to articulate before, not even within myself. She asked the questions that made me honestly face and understand why I am going through this process, and where I want be in the future.

To me, working with Rachel was more like designing a life plan than simply writing essays. It was a soul searching experience.

Looking back, I can say that the LLM has been the best year of my life. Working with Rachel has been my first step in that direction :).
LLM, NYU, Class of 2012
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