"I met Rachel after trying out 3 other MBA consultants/companies that let me down. From the first encounter, it was crystal clear that Rachel provides an extraordinary professional service which was by far, much better than her so called competitors. It worked. I was accepted 5/5 to Columbia, Wharton, University of Chicago, NYU, and Duke.

Rachel succeeds where others fail due to 3 major reasons:
  1. Academic and professional experience – she not only holds a Master’s in admission from Harvard but also worked in the Wharton admission department, participating in the committees that decide the future enrollment of applicants. This experience is priceless as she actually knows better. Well, she was there.
  2. Tailored approach - while others believe there is a recipe to get into schools and try box candidates to a certain methodology, Rachel believes that each application should be tailored to maximize the fit between the candidate and the school. Schools are increasingly looking for the most interesting candidates and not interested to read the same type of application again and again - her approach yields much better results.
  3. High quality of service - applying to school is an emotional roller coaster. There are many strategic decisions to take and Rachel practically held my hand, tremendously assisting me in this journey. She was always there because she genuinely cares about her clients."
MBA, Columbia University, Class of 2008
"I met Rachel when I was at the end of my Israeli army service about to apply to college, and within a few weeks she turned me into her biggest fan. Her guidance and advice in filling out the long application and in revising the personal statements (the admission essays) were invaluable. From the start you could tell she has had a lot of experience doing this - not only as an adviser, but more importantly as a former insider who knows the works of the admission process.

Through her insightful comments and suggestions, I was able to improve my essays and take them to the next level, while at the same time I could look back at the final product and feel that it was 100% mine - written by me and reflective of what I have to say. I really think this is where Rachel's magic lies.

There is no doubt in my mind that her help played a crucial role in making my application strong and convincing. Thanks to her, I got into Harvard, Yale and Princeton.

Since then, I've recommended her to everyone I knew who was applying to schools in the US. And now, as I am nearing the end of my Bachelor's degree, I have asked for Rachel's help yet a second time with my Business School application. This is particularly telling because at Harvard we are offered an endless number of advisers and councilors whose only purpose is to help us get into our dream Masters or PhD program; so, the fact that I still can't see myself using anyone but Rachel, should attest to the kind of skills she brings to the table and the indispensable advice she can provide.

(Oh and... she's also one of the nicest people you'll ever meet!)"
AB, Harvard University, Class of 2013
"Rachel was a tremendous help in streamlining my resume and focusing my application essays. When I first drafted my essays, there was so much information and little congruency. So we emailed drafts back and forth, editing each time, until my essays finally told a story about me -- who I am now, what lead to the person I am now, what I want to achieve, and why I want to go to the specific schools. The first essay took a lot of restructuring, but once I had the first done it was easy to tailor it to each school. I was very confident in the essays I finally submitted, and will attend my top school in the fall!"
PhD, Columbia University, Class of 2016
"Rachel Korn was a phenomenal mentor and resource throughout my application to INSEAD MBA. Not only was she able to really help synthesize my life experiences into coherent essays but has demonstrated a unique ability and persistence of looking at the big picture. From the application's initial stages and until submission, she suggested a variety of write-up strategies and ensured alignment to help maximize the application representation of myself and the desired impact on the application committee. Through her vast experience in the field, Rachel is well informed about the personalities of the different MBA schools and through numerous conversations she has helped me decide on my sole MBA choice, an invaluable step in the path for long term happiness. I sincerely thank Rachel for her committed service and strongly recommend her."
MBA, INSEAD , Class of 2010
"When I started the application process I was completely disoriented and confused, it seemed too demanding and I had limited time to complete it. Rachel helped me throughout the entire process of getting into my dream college. She worked with me about managing my time better in order to get better results. She helped directing me not only to the best colleges but to the right ones for me. Her knowledge of the different universities and colleges is broad in all aspects and she clarified which colleges are going to be suitable for my needs while concerning my personality, aspirations and future goals. In addition, she knew what colleges I would have a better chance to get into and I was surprised about how accurate her predictions were.

Whenever I needed to ask a question or had a concern she was always available, supportive and professional. Her great knowledge of the college system is evident and probably derived from her previous jobs in admission staffs in leading colleges in the Unites States. She knew exactly what should I point out in the application and what was superfluous. Whenever I got stuck in writing something, she was always there so I could talk to her and she inspired me with new ideas and thoughts.

Even now, after I got accepted and finished the application process, I still enjoy talking to her and keeping in touch with her. I never hesitate to call and she never hesitates to give me advice. She has made the application process that was so hard in times a much more fun and unique experience, as even close to deadlines she guided me to do things in a focused and efficient way and relieved my pressure. She was a great mentor and I cannot even describe how happy I am that I sought her advice. Most of all, her personality which was cheerful and caring, her willingness to help and genuine concern and her clear and precise opinions and remarks have made all the difference. "
AB, Yale University, Class of 2016
"Rachel exhibited the highest level of professionalism throughout the application process: identifying which schools to focus on, developing specific strategy and essays for each school and highlighting my advantages as a candidate. Additionally, her resolve and attention to detail helped me bring out the best in me and maintain peak performance throughout the process. Finally, Rachel provided the emotional support I needed to overcome this exhausting process."
MBA, University of Michigan (Ross), Class of 2011
"Rachel went above and beyond any expectations I had when applying to schools. She took the time necessary to talk with me to really understand my wants and needs for the school I wanted to ultimately end up at. When I was conflicted with choices, she helped me to figure out the pros and cons of each school I was looking at and made sure I was comfortable with my choice, which ended up being the perfect school for me!"
BA, American University, Class of 2013
"Working with Rachel was a delightful experience. Rachel’s professionalism has helped me convey myself in the best possible way when applying to B-schools and eventually got me a place in a great school during a very competitive year. Your efficiency and creativity have made all the difference and got me to stand out. You are the best. Thank you!"
MBA, University of Chicago (Booth), Class of 2011
"I owe a lot of my current success to Rachel. In a highly competitive university admission environment, Rachel supported me throughout the application process, helping me highlight my strengths and present myself in the best way possible. I could not have achieved admission to an Ivy League university without her - and it was this acceptance that allowed me to launch a successful career, first in banking and then in my own business. Over the years, the best gift that I have given to any friend is the opportunity to work with Rachel and they have all come back afterwards to thank me."
MA, Brown University, Class of 2008
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